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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Most important topics of 10th Board  Maths CBSE Result 2018

Most important topics of CBSE Result 2018

Here square measure some helpful tips that you simply would for sure not prefer to miss for your CBSE 10th category scientific discipline test. tenth Grade maths forms a base for several things which will return up next in your life, thus learning it only for the sake of passing in boards is of no use, prepare in an exceedingly manner which will conjointly assist you in future. thus we’ll see however is that the general pattern of tenth Maths paper, the weightage to every half then some general tips followed by chapter specific tips which will assist you raise your level.

Paper Pattern:

Paper Pattern as per previous few years is as follows:

  1.  8 Multiple selection queries value a mark every.
  2. 6 queries value two marks every
  3.   10 queries value three marks every
  4.   10 queries value four marks every

Its a complete 90- marks value paper.

Approximate Weightage by Part:

Number Systems – 04 Marks

Algebra -20 Marks

Trigonometry -12 Marks

Coordinate Geometry 08 Marks

Geometry -16 Marks

Mensuration -20 Marks

Statistics and chance -10 Marks

General Tips:

To start with, see that you simply have skilled textbook fully, solved  each downside, together with additional and in-text issues. Since eightieth of paper contains identical queries as within the textbook whereas remaining 2 hundredth is simply a modification of queries given within the textbook, thus if you’re doing textbook fully and finding each downside on pen paper, this can be quite spare. No have to be compelled to undergo books like R.D.Sharma et al currently. If you’re doing it from earlier, initial revise NCERT textbook, then visit previous years question papers then if you have got time simply try some selective queries from R.D.Sharma. whereas trying paper, please take it with time constraint and absorb account all factors – you want to write question range and alternative basic stuff as typically you answer properly however these tiny blunders remove your well due marks. Do write every and each step, notwithstanding it appears silly to you and conjointly mention reasoning for each step. If you’re employing a theorem, keep in mind the statement. For this you’ll write down all the statements and vital formulae, this may assist you throughout minute revision.

Chapter Specific Tips: CBSE Result 2018

Real Numbers:

In this chapter, vital ideas square measure proof of insanity, terminating and non-terminating decimals and Euclid’s division lemma. Major queries from this subject square measure either one mark or two mark queries. Pretty easy chapter, ought to fetch smart marks.


This is a reasonably vital chapter in Boards still as for future maths. vital ideas here square measure zeros of polynomial, division of polynomials and also the relation between zeros and coefficients. follow as several queries as you’ll, calculation mistakes square measure a significant consider this chapter.

Pair of Linear Equations in 2 Variables:

Important ideas here square measure geometrically representing equations in 2 variables as lines, conditions of inconsistency and finding these equations. don’t forget to try to to easy issues reducible to linear equations.

Quadratic Equations:

The vital topics here square measure strategies to unravel quadratic equations, nature of roots mistreatment discriminant and real world issues. this can be the chapter wherever you may attempt queries from alternative books like R.D.Sharma.

Arithmetic Progressions:

This is the chapter from wherever several tiny queries return. follow as several numbers of queries as you’ll here. Derivation of ordinary results may be a issue you’ll expect to return in test.

Introduction to Trigonometry:

The basic angles – degrees thirty, 45, sixty and their proofs with correct geometrical rationalization needed. These proofs square measure presumably to be asked for in associate degree test.

Trigonometric Identities:

A basic identity and do solve all the queries from the textbook still as try any additional queries you’ll get here.

Heights and Distances:

Expect three and four marks queries from here, whereas trying initial draw what the case is and confine all angles and lengths with variables and use them.


Very straightforward topic, largely formula primarily based queries asked. NCERT can fulfill for this subject.


Pretty vital topic as so much as boards still as JEE worries. Do prove all theorems with correct statements and ideas you’re mistreatment. once trying any question do draw the diagram initial imagine however you’re aiming to proceed elbow grease within the rough or in mind then write. Write down all theorems and their proofs briefly to revise at the last moment. attempt as several as queries as you’ll for this subject, particularly proofs.


A formula primarily based chapter, NCERT issues is quite spare here, simply keep in mind the formulae. Sector of Circle and connected queries square measure relatively more durable thus follow them a lot of.


More of a way headed chapter. keep in mind strategies to search out median, mode, mean and every one the tables you’d have to be compelled to draw to search out them. follow this subject before the test. Calculation mistakes here square measure a lot of susceptible to happen.


An important topic for future, basics should be done properly try as several queries as you’ll. Pretty straightforward to know, however will get advanced occasionally. thus try queries square measure the sole recommendation required here.

Try this and you will get good Score in CBSE 10th Board Result 2018

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