CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

12th CBSE Board Business Studies Last Year Question Paper- CBSE Result 2018

Business Studies Last year Paper – CBSE Result 2018

CBSE Class 12th Business Studies exam was held on 16th March 2017. We are here to present an analysis of Business Studies paper of 2017 so that you can get good CBSE Result 2018.

The Business Studies paper was very good even below average student considered it good and scoring. The paper was not at all lengthy and questions were quiet obvious. It was definitely was five starer and satisfaction and happiness was seen on the faces of students when they were coming out of examination hall.

HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions This year the number of HOTS questions has decreased or you can say it was zero, even indirect questions can be guessed easily and required no extra ordinary thinking.

Paper Pattern

The paper was of 80 marks and 20 marks was given by subject teacher of business studies.

The written part consist of 80 marks in which:

  • Eight questions was of one marks
  • five questions was of three marks
  • six questions was of four marks
  • three questions was of five marks
  • three questions was of six marks

Chapter wise Marks distribution (This should be focused to get good CBSE Result 2018 )

Part A:- Principles and functions of management

Nature and significance of management (8 Marks)

It includes modern concepts of management, features, importance, objective, nature, level of management, coordination.

Principles of management (8 Marks)

It contains meaning, nature, features, importance of management principle, fayol’s principles of management, scientific management development by taylor.

Business Environment (8 Marks)

Meaning, nature, features, importance, dimension of business environment.

Planning (7 Marks)

Meaning, nature, features, importance, limitations of planning, planning process.

Organizing (7 Marks)

Meaning of Organizing, Organizing process, organizational structure, formal and informal organiation, delegation of authority, centralization and decentralization.

Staffing, Controlling, Directing (20 Marks) CBSE Result 2018

Meaning, nature, features, importance of Staffing, Controlling and Directing, staffing and controlling process, supervision, motivation, communication.

Part B:- Business Finance and Marketing

Financial Management, Financial Market (15 Marks)

Meaning, role, objective of financial management, financial structure, capital structure, fixed and working capital, concept and nature of financial market, money and capital market.

Marketing Management, Consumer Protection (15 Marks) CBSE Result 2018

Meaning of marketing, marketing management and its philosophies, importance of consumer protection, legal protection to consumer, consumer right, consumer responsibilities.


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CBSE Result 2018