CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Accountancy Last Year Question Paper – CBSE Result 2018

Accountancy 2017 Question Paper – CBSE Result 2018

CBSE class 12th Accountancy exam was held on 29th March 2017. We are here to present analysis of Accountancy paper of 2017 so that you can get good CBSE Result 2018

You will find paper was the accountancy paper was not same as it was in previous years, the whole paper was filled with tricky questions which are not at all easy and average students found it very difficult and they faced lots of problems it solving many of the questions.

HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions This year the number of HOTS questions has increased with a huge margin almost every questions required HOTS and even toppers faced difficulties in solving the paper.

Paper Pattern

The paper was divided into two Section- Section A and Section B.

Section A ‘Accountancy for Partnership Firms and Companies’ this consist of seventeen questions in total which is  compulsory for all.

Section B had two options-‘Financial Statements Analysis’ and ‘Computerized Accounting’. It had 5 questions in total.

Chapter wise Marks distribution (This should be focused to get good CBSE Result 2018

Part A:- Accounting for partnership firms and companies

Accounting for partnership firms (35 Marks)

It includes topics like partnership (features and partnership deeds), provision of the Indian partnership act 1932 in absence of partnership deed, past adjustment, goodwill, changes in profit sharing ratio, admission of partner in the firm, retirement and death of partner, dissolution of partnership firm.

Accounting for companies (25 Marks)

Accounting for share capital (nature and types), issue and allotment of equity shares, Accounting for debenture (redemption of debenture, issue of debenture).

Part B:- Analysis of financial statement

Financial statement Analysis (12 Marks)

Topics like financial statement of companies, Tools of financial statement analysis (accounting ratio, liquidity ratio, solvency ratio, Activity ratio, profitability ratio)  are included in this particular unit.

Cash Flow statement (8 Marks)

you need to study meaning objective and definition of cash flow statement.


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CBSE Result 2018