CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

CBSE 10th Board Science 2017 Question Paper – CBSE Result 2018

CBSE class 10th Science exam was held on 22nd March 2017. We are here to present analysis of Science paper of 2017 so that you can get good CBSE Result 2018 .

The Science paper of 2017 was good, it was direct and not at all tricky. average and below average can also score good marks in the examination. It was not at all lengthy and students were able to finish it before time.

HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions  There were only one or two HOTS questions in the paper all questions were direct and from the NCERT.

Paper Pattern

  • There were two sections in the paper- Section A and Section B.
  • There were 36 questions in the paper (24 questions in Section A and 12 in Section B).
  • Section A comprised of theory part and section B multiple choice questions.
  • twelve questions were of one marks each.
  • three questions were of two marks each.
  • twelve question were of three marks each.
  • Six questions were of five marks each.
  • Three questions were of six marks each.


Chapter wise Marks distribution (This should be focused to get good CBSE Result 2018 )

Chemical Substance- Nature and behavior (8 Marks)

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Acid base and salt
  • metal and non-metal
  • carbon compound
  • period classification of element

World of living (17 Marks)

  • Life process
  • control and co ordination in animal and plants
  • reproduction
  • heredity and evolution

Natural Phenomena (04 Marks)

  • Reflection of lights by curved surface
  • Refraction
  • Refraction of lights by spherical lens
  • functioning of lens in a human eyes
  • refraction of light through prism
  • dispersion of light

Effects of current (28 Marks)

  • Electric current
  • potential difference and electric current
  • ohm’s law
  • series combination and resistors
  • Magnetic effect of current

Natural resources (13 marks)


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CBSE Result 2018