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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Class 12 economics Sample Paper – CBSE Result 2018

Class 12 economics Sample Paper – CBSE Result 2018

Hello folks we are here to present sample economics papaer for you so that you can gain good in CBSE Result 2018

M.M 80                                                                                                                                                         Time: 3 hours


Question 1: Which of the following is a statement of normative nature in economics? (1 Marks)

  • Economics is a study of choices/alternatives.
  • Government should be concerned with how to reduce unemployement
  • According to an estimate, inspite of severe shortage more than 10% house in India are lying vacant
  • Accommodation of refugees is posing a big problem for the Europe.

Question 2: What is Marginal Physical Product.(1 Marks)

Question 3: A firm is operating with total variable cost of rs. five hundred when four units of the given output are produced and the total fixed cost are rs. two hundred, what will be average total cost of producing five units of output? (1 Marks)

  • Rs. one hundred fourty
  • Rs. one hundred
  • Rs. one hundred twenty
  • Rs. three hundred

Question 4: In an imperfectly competitive market, If total revenue is at its maximum than what Marginal revenue will be _____________. (1 Marks)

Question 5: Elaborate any two factor that will shift production possibility frontier to the right.  (3 Marks)


Question 6: state and also tell why impact of each on demand curve of a normal good X if: (3 Marks)

  • Price of that good’s complementary goods fall
  • news reporter claims that consumption of product X has harmful for adult
  • Income of consumer exceeds

Question 7 : tell us and reason the degree of the elasticity of demand for commodity A, if the price of commodity falls from rs. twenty eight per unit to rs.2twenty three per unit and it demand rises from fifty unit to hundred per unit. (3 Marks)

Question 8: What do you understand by the term price floor? Discuss the effect of its imposition above equilibrium price. (4 Marks)


Question 9: Explain how the following factor affect supply of commodity (4 Marks)

  • State of technology
  • Price of factor input

Question 10 (a): A consumer Mr. Aman is in state of equilibrium consuming two goods tea  and cold drink, with price given Px and Py, what happen if MUx/Px > MUy/Py. (2 Marks)

Question 11(a): what do you understand by inverted S-shaped total variable cost curve ? (2 Marks)

(b) What  do you understand by average fixed cost of firm? show with diagram (4 Marks)

Question 12: Value of demand and supply curve of commodity X is- Qd=300-10p, Qs= 100+15p (6 Marks)

  • find equilibrium price and quantity.
  • Suppose price of factor inputs has changed to Qs= 200+15p. Analyse new equilibrium price.


Question 13: what do you understand by Macro Economics? (1 Marks)

Question 14: State fiscal measure that can reduce poverty gap. (1 Marks)

Question 15: what do you understand by capital receipt of government (1 Marks)

Question 16: State an effect of Fiscal Deficit (1 Marks)

Question 17: Estimate the value of Ex-ante AD, when autonomous investment and consumption expenditure is rs.50 crore and MPS is 0.2 and level of income is rs.three hundred (3 Marks)

Question 18: Discuss the importance of forty five degree line in Keynesian economics (3 Marks).

Question 19: Elaborate economic growth as objective of RBI. (4 Marks).

Question 20: Explain the process of credit creation in detail. (4 Marks)

Question 21: How will Reverse Repo Rate and Open Market Operation helps to control excess supply in an economy? (4 Marks)

Question 22: (a) what do you understand by Externality. (2 Marks)

(b) find national income from income method. (4 Marks)

  1. Current transfer from rest of the world-fifty
  2. NIT-hundred
  3. Net Export- twenty five
  4. Rent-ninety
  5. Private Final consumption expenditure- nine hundred
  6. Net domestic capital formation- two hundred
  7. compensation of employees- five hundred
  8. met factor income from abroad- ten
  9. government final consumption expenditure- four hundred
  10. profit-two hundred twenty
  11. mixed income of self employed- four hundred
  12. interest- two hundred thirty

Question 23: State true or false. give valid reason: (6 Marks)

  • unplanned inventories accumulate when planned investment is less than planned saving.
  • deflationary gap exist when aggregate demand is greater the aggregate supply at full employment level.
  • Average propensity to save can never be zero.

Question 24:(a) Devaluation and depreciation is same thing. Agree? How do they affect the export of country? (3 Marks)

(b) Define ‘official reserve transaction’? Discuss their importance in balance of payment. (3 Marks).

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