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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How To Get Amazing Marks In Social Science CBSE Result 2018

How To Get Amazing Marks In Social Science CBSE Result 2018


The cbse board examination will be starting from 5th of march 2018 and every student is scared when it comes to board exam because they are appearing first time for their boards and surely they want good CBSE Board Result 2018

Social Science is one of the hardest and lengthy subject as it includes geography, political science, Economics and history. You have your social science exam on 22nd of march and surely you must be worried that what this subject will able to contribute in your 10th board result 2018.

So to help you out we are here with some tricks to tackle Social Science:

Paper pattern

Social Science paper in 10th board exam is consist of 90 marks and 10 marks will be given by concerned institutions based on your over all performance in the class.

90 marks will be based on you written performance which will include:

  • Eight questions of one marks (Answer should be of maximum 30 words ).
  • Twelve questions of three marks (Answer should be of maximum 80 Words).
  • Seven questions of five marks (Answer should be of maximum 120 words).
  • Last two question will be map work from history and geography, both subject will include 3 marks each.

Some important topics to be read in Social Science to get good CBSE Result 2018

India and the Contemporary World II (History) 23 marks

The rise of Nationalism in Europe

It will include french revolution, Making of nationalism in Europe, Age of Revolutions, Revolutions of Germany and Italy and Nationalism and imperialism.

Nationalism in India

This is a important chapter and important topics from this chapter are The first world war, Khilafat and non corporation, Civil disobedience movement.

The making of a global world

Here you can read about The pre modern world, developments in 19th century, The pre war world.

The age of industrialization

It includes Industrialization in colonies and industrial growths.

Map work

You will get one question of 3 marks for map work.

India – Resources and their Development (Geography) 23 marks

  • Mineral Resources in India
  • Power Resources in India
  • Manufacturing Industries in India
  • Transport communication and trade in India
  • Water Resources In India
  • Map Work (this will include 3 marks).

Democratic Politics II (Political Science) 22 mark CBSE Result 2018

  • Power sharing
  • Outcomes of Democracy
  • Challenges to Democracy
  • Democracy and diversity
  • Gender religion and caste
  • Power struggle and movements
  • Political parties in Democracy

Understanding Economic Development II (Economics) 22 marks

Money and Credit CBSE Result 2018

It is part of macro economics here you will study about money as a medium of exchange, Modern forms of money, Loans given by bank.

Globalization and the Indian Economy

Globalization is a very broad term when it comes to Indian economy, it includes foreign trade and integration of market, definition of globalization, Factors responsible for globalization and World trade organization.

Consumer Awareness and rights

This topics is all about consumer rights that are given by government and how to make consumers aware about their rights.

Recommended Books-

Do not read any book apart from NCERT. It will be best for you and will help you to fetch very good marks.

CBSE Result 2018

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