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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How To Get Good Marks In Accountancy in Board Exam-CBSE Result 2018

How To Get Good Marks In Accountancy-CBSE Result 2018

The CBSE Result 2018 will be starting from 5th of march 2018 and to score good marks in CBSE Board Result 2018 is a nightmare for almost every student.

Accountancy is a one of the main and difficult subject for the Commerce side students but it is also scoring subject if you try to focus on the concept and formulas and this can give you exceptional 12th board results 2018.

What is accountancy

Accountancy is a backbone of every financial institution. you cannot imagine any business with accounts, it is necessary for smooth working of every business firm and company.

Paper pattern of CBSE Result 2018

Accountancy paper in 12th board exam is divided into two parts- 80 marks includes theory paper and 20 marks are given on the basis of practical examination and viva voice.

In 80 marks paper there are three sections- Section A (compulsory for all), Section B (Attempt only one) and Section C.

In Section A you will find questions related to Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies.

In Section B you will find questions related to Analysis of Financial Statements.

In Section C you will find questions related to Computerized Accounting.

Some important topics to be read in accountancy to get good CBSE Result 2018

Accountancy for partnership firms

In this topic you will learn about- changes in profit sharing ratio, admission of partner, retirement and death of a partner, dissolution of a partnership firm. you will fetch huge number of marks from this topic alone.

Accounting For companies

In this particular topic you will learn about- Accounting for share capital, Accounting for debentures. Here you will find many acts related to companies and the same will blast your mind in the examination so keep you concept very clear when it comes to acts and formulas.

Analysis of Financial statement

Here you will learn about- Financial statement of a company, Tools for financial statement (which includes Accounting ratio, liquidity ratio, solvency ratio, activity ratio and profitability ratio), Cash flow statement.

Go for book written by- Rajesh Goel, D K Goel and Shelly Goel.


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