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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How To Get Good Marks In Business Studies – CBSE Result 2018

How To Get Good Marks In Business Studies in CBSE Result 2018

The cbse board examination will be starting from 5th of march 2018 and CBSE Exams Result 2018 is a nightmare for every student because it will determine your future and further admission in college.

Wherever you go CBSE Result 2018 will be your companion in your life. and to score good marks with business studies is not easy.

So we are here with some tricks to tackle Business Studies:

What is Business Studies?

Business Studies in whole deal with accountancy, finance, organization, human resources management and marketing. It studies working of business entities and proper management of human resources which facilitates smooth working of business.

Paper pattern

Business Studies paper in 12th board exam is divided in 2 parts- first part is written part which is of 80 marks and second part in of 20 marks which is based on overall performance.

In 80 marks paper you will find:

  • Eight questions of one marks (Answer should be of one word or one sentence).
  • Five questions of three marks (Answer should be of 50-75 Words).
  • Six questions of four marks (Answer should be of 150 words).
  • Three questions of five marks (Answer should be of 150-160 words).
  • Three questions of six marks (Answer should be of 200 words).

Some important topics to be read in Business Studies to get good CBSE Result 2018

PART A: Principles and Functions of Management

  1. Introduction to Management (8 marks)
  2. Principles of Management (8 marks)
  3. Business Environment (5 marks)
  4. Planning (5 marks)
  5. Organizing (8 marks)
  6. Staffing (7 marks)
  7. directing (14 marks)
  8. Controlling (12 marks)

PART B: Business Finance and Marketing

From this part you will able to fetch 13 marks. It comprises of financial management, financial market, marketing management and consumer protection.

Recommended Books-

Market is full of books on business studies but not every book will match your level of expectations so for business studies go for NCERT ( one of the best option for you), A book on business studies by poonam gandhi, Business Studies by C.B Gupta, Jagdish Sharma’s Prachi Business Studies For Class XII.


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