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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How To Get Good Marks In Physical Education-CBSE Result 2018

The cbse board examination will be starting from 5th of march 2018 and every student is scared when it comes to board exam because they are appearing first time for their boards and surely they want good CBSE Result 2018  .


Physical Education is one of the easiest yet lengthy subject as it is a subject with lots of chapters. Students also ignores it and prepare it in last moment of exam forgetting the fact that its contribution will be equal in your CBSE Result 2018

So we are here to help you out with some tips to tackle physical education:

Paper pattern

Physical Education paper in 12th board exam is consist of 70 marks and 30 marks will be given by concerned institutions based on your practical lab manual and activities.

70 marks will be based on you written performance which will include:

  • There are total 26 number of questions in the paper
  • All questions are compulsory
  • Eleven questions of one marks (Answer should be of maximum 10 to 20 words ).
  • Eight questions of three marks (Answer should be of maximum 30 to 40 Words).
  • Seven questions of five marks (Answer should be of maximum 75 to 100 words).

Some important topics to be read in Physical Education to get good CBSE Result 2018

Theoretical Part

Planning in Sports

Adventure sports and leadership training

Sports and nutrition


Children and Sports

Women and Sports

Test and Measurement in sports

Physiology In Sports

Sports Medicine

Biomechanics and sports

Psychology and sports

Training in sports

It’s Practicals Includes

Physical fitness (5 Marks)

Athletics- Middle and long distance run and throws (5 Marks)

Health and fitness Activities- Aasan/ Swiss ball/ plyometric/ aerobics (5 Marks)

Skills of team game (5 Marks)

Viva (5 Marks)

Record file (lab manual) (5 Marks)


Recommended Books-

Go for NCERT and book by doctor V.D sharma


CBSE Result 2018

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CBSE Result 2018