CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How to Prepare for 10th Board (Topper’s Tips )-CBSE Result 2018

Tips of toppers to prepare CBSE Result 2018


Know the programme clearly: Follow your category lessons properly to hide your programme in a very systematic manner. the category lessons square measure most likely the primary introduction of the topics to you. once returning home, revise no matter is tutored within the category, because the topics are still contemporary in mind. just in case of confusion, clarify together with your teacher succeeding day.

Solve queries: attempt to solve the questions at the top of every topic and conjointly the last 10 years’ papers. If you’re stuck, ensure you have got it resolved by succeeding day at the most. Take facilitate from academics and seniors, as needed.

Maintain separate notebooks for every subject: write necessary notes and formulae that you simply bump into throughout your studies. this can facilitate before the exams as you’ll simply grab the topic notebook and revise the parts you wish.

Highlight details: Highlight necessary points and formulae on textbooks and reference books to find them simply. Revise the points as and after you get time.

Plan your studies: sketch a diary for board examination preparation and allot ample time for every subject. opt for the time that you simply suppose is best for study. It will be early within the morning or late in the dark. don’t permit distractions to mar your studies. choose a study area that you simply feel is best suited and convenient.

Know your strengths and weaknesses: Hone your strengths however don’t ignore your weaknesses. Concentrate a lot of to boost on them. Take steerage from your academics.

Revise Well: don’t study something new or from a brand new book right before exams, as you’ll get confused. Revise what you have got studied and look at necessary notes and formulae. create note of necessary formulae ANd keep them handy so you’ll take a glance at them as an after you need. create a weekly revision set up once you have got completed the whole programme.

Keep fit: Eat healthy and take ample rest. ensure you’re conjointly payment it slow enjoying and re-energizing yourself.

Subject-wise tips

Physics CBSE Result 2018

Get an edge on the basic ideas of the topic.

A major a part of the examination contains direct formulae- and theorem-based queries. Therefore, revise them completely to unravel queries accurately.

Use the formulae and theorems extensively in resolution numerous issues from last years’ papers and model papers.


The good news is that this could be a high-scoring subject, and conjointly needs lesser time for preparation.

Speed and accuracy in resolution totally different issues will be noninheritable through in-depth study of the topic and intensive follow.

Study the name reactions; create charts of formulae at the side of names and revise them as and once attainable.


As the subject includes numerous diagrams, provide special attention to special diagrams and their theory. ensure you keep in mind the necessary terms and their several functions.

Biology involves learning and memorising troublesome word. Write such terms repeatedly therefore on get familiar with them.

Get thorough with the necessary definitions because the subject is generally theory.


Mathematics could be a high-scoring subject once you’re clear with the ideas. don’t concern it; instead, begin active. can|you’ll|you may} see that you simply will slowly develop interest.

Calculations will be long and long. follow lots to amass each speed and accuracy, because it is that the one and solely trick to realize a high score within the subject.

Beware of the silly mistakes that you simply typically create.

Jot down necessary formulae and tables that you simply have to be compelled to memorize. Keep them handy so you’ll look at them whenever you wish.

Practice common root and root issues so you’ll quickly solve the queries throughout the examination.
This subject contains facts as recorded by historians. So, the sole mantra is to scan, memorize and keep in mind necessary events, names, periods and dates of various historical occurrences.

Study, revise and answer queries from time to time.


Practice map-pointing lots.

Problems on latitude and great circle, among others, square measure quite high-scoring. follow extensively to master them.

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