CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Important Questions of Business Studies- CBSE Result 2018

Here are S0ample test paper class 12 of business studies to help you out in scoring good marks.

CBSE Result 2018

MM:80                                                                                           TT: 3 hours

Question 1: Give three main activities of management which indicate it is multi-dimensional ? (1 Marks)

Question 2: What is technique of taylor acts as the strongest motivator for a worker to reach standard performance? (1 Marks)

Question 3: How is planning is pervasive function? State. (1 Marks)

Question 4: What is element of delegation of authority? (1 Marks)

Question 5: Give the name of the framework within which managerial and operating task are performed? (1 Marks)

Question 6: Name the term used in management for influencing people to state willingly for group objectives. (1 Marks)

Question 7: What is supervisor? (1 Marks)

Question 8: What is controlling by exception? (1 Marks)

Question 9: State any three organizational objective of management. (1 Marks)

Question 10: Define the term liberalization, globalization, and privatization. (3 Marks)

Question 11: ‘Planning restricts creativity’. Explain (3 Marks)

Question 12: State any three circumstances in which functional structure is more suitable (3 Marks) 

Question 13: Controlling is pervasive functions. Explain (3 Marks)

Question 14: ABC Ltd. is engaged in producing electricity from domestic garbage, there is almost equal division of wok and responsibility between workers and management. The management  takes workers into confidence  before doing anything and because of this worker find ambience amiable(4 Marks)

  1. State the principle of management described in above para.
  2. Identify any three values which company want to communicate with society

Question 15: Fresh air electricity is a company engaged in the business of manufacturing of ac. The company produces five star break of Indian standards ration AC, which are energy efficient and pollution free. The company perceives the increasing temperature of Delhi as an opportunity. In order to capture market share, the company directed its employees to work overtime. To tackle shortage of workforce, the workers of the assembly departments are also asked to take delivery of the AC. However, due to long working hours, the efficiency level of employees decreased. The workers started having a feeling of being exploited as they are not duly compensated for their work. The workers are being undisciplined and spirit of teamwork disappeared. (4 Marks)

  1. identify three principles of management which are violated by the company.
  2. Identify two value that company wants to communicate to society

Question 16: The workers of vyam Ltd. are unable to work on new and high tech machine imported by the company to fulfill increased demand. They are seeing for extra guidance from supervisor and he is over burden with calls of workers. Suggest how supervisor can make them work independently. (4 Marks)

Question 17: Name any four external source of recruitment. (4 Marks)

Question 18: What us financial incentives? Give example. (4 Marks)

Question 19: State the characteristics of management and give its two benefits in business. (4 Marks)

Question 20: Give function of management and discuss step by step process of communication. (4 Marks)

Question 21: The court passed an order that the all schools must have water purifier for children as: (5 Marks)

  1. Society is general is more concerned about quality of life
  2. innovative techniques are developed to manufacture water purifier

identify the different dimension of business  environment by quoting above details.

Question 22: A Refrigerator company has set objective of increasing sales by 20% in next year. It is providing guidelines on how department would contribute to organization goal. (5 Marks)

  1. identify function of management involved.
  2. identify steps involved in this process

Question 23: A steel company has following job- (6 Marks)

  1. manufacturing
  2. finance
  3. marketing
  4. personnel

which type of organization structure will you choose for company and why?

Question 24: Give process of staffing. (6 Marks)

Question 25: Discuss various types of steps involved in communication. (6 Marks)

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CBSE Result 2018


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CBSE Result 2018