CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

12th Physics Last Year Question Paper – CBSE Result 2018

Physics Last Year Question Paper – CBSE Result 2018

CBSE class 12th physics exam was held on 15th March 2017. We are here to present analysis of physics paper of 2017 so that you can get good CBSE Result 2018

You will find paper was the physics paper was average for both average and below average student as five marks question were direct and to the point but many of the 3 marks questions were tricky and required high level of application. The paper was also lengthy and there is possibility that student may find it difficult to complete on the prescribed time.

HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) Questions This year the number of HOTS questions has increased with a huge margin. There were tricky question but at the same time some questions were easy.

Paper Pattern

The physics paper marking was done in two parts first was written part which was of 70 marks and second was of 30 marks which was given by the concerned institutions on the basis of overall performance of the student.

It was was divided into five Sections- Section A and Section B, Section C, Section D, Section E. It had 26 questions out of which:

Section A had five questions of one mark each

Section B had five questions of two marks each

Section C had twelve questions of three marks each

Section D had one value based question of four marks

Section E had three questions of five marks each

Questions from all section is compulsory. Internal choices with sections are provided to student

Chapter wise Marks distribution (This should be focused to get good CBSE Result 2018)

Chapter 1 –Electrostatics (8 Marks)

Chapter 2- Electrostatics (7 Marks)

Chapter 3- Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism (8 Marks)

Chapter 4- Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating (8 Marks)

Chapter 5- Electromagnetic Waves (3 Marks)

Chapter 6- Optics (14 Marks)

Chapter 7-Dual Nature of Matter (4 Marks)

Chapter 8- Atoms and Nuclei (6 Marks)

Chapter 9- Electronic Devices (7 Marks)

Chapter 10- Communication Systems (5 Marks)


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CBSE Result 2018