CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Sample test paper class 12 Economics-CBSE Result 2018

Here is Sample test paper class 12 to help you out in scoring good marks in your board results.

CBSE Result 2018


Time:3 Hours

SECTION:A Micro Economics

Question 1: What is monotonic preference? (1 Marks)

Question 2: Define positive economics? (1 Marks)

Question 3: Define law of variable proportion? (1 Marks)

Question 4: Explain elasticity of supply? (1 Marks)

Question 5: A good is inferior for one and normal for other at same time. Explain? (3 Marks)

Question 6: Price elasticity of supply for a commodity is five.when its price rises from nine per unit to ten per unit supply increases by twenty five units. Calculate quantity supplied at nine per unit. (3 Marks)

Question 7: Economics slowdown in India has affected its export in other countries. Explain its effect on production possibility frontier? (4 Marks)

Question 8: If a consumer is consuming only two goods explain condition of consumer’s equilibrium with the help of utility analysis. (4 Marks)


Explain effect of price elasticity of demand of goods on following: (4 Marks)

  • Substitute goods
  • own price of goods

Question 9: Find implicit and explicit cost of- (4 Marks)

  1. Investment on fixed assets – two thousand
  2. Borrowing at 12% interest rate per annum – fifteen hundred
  3. Wages paid in a year- one hundred twenty
  4. Annual depreciation- hundred

Question 10: Explain law of variable proportion with schedule and diagram. Explain relationship between Average and marginal products? (6 Marks)

Question 11: A person consumes 2 goods. For the consumer to be in equilibrium why must marginal rate of substitution between two goods must be equal to the ration of two price of these goods? is it enough to be in equilibrium. (6 Marks)

Question 12: Explain the following: (6 Marks)

  1. freedom of entry and exit of firm in perfect comptetion
  2. independence of price in monopoly

Section B: Macro Economics

Question 13: What is involuntary unemployment? (1 Marks)

Question 14: What is NFIA? Explain (1 Marks)

Question 15: Explain investment multiplier? (1 Marks)

Question 16: What is LRR? (1 Marks)

Question 17: Find net value added at factor cost: (3 Marks)

  1.  Sales – 100
  2. Closing stock- 20
  3. Executive duty – 15
  4. Opening stock – 10
  5. Depreciation -12
  6. Intermediate consumption -50

Question 18: Increase in per capita income means increase in per capita availability of goods and service. Does it necessarily means rise in welfare of people in country? Give one argument in support of your answer. (3 Marks)

Question 19: Explain the effects of appreciation of domestic currency on export. (4 Marks)

Question 20: Find fiscal and primary deficit: (4 Marks)

  1. Revenue expenditure- 70000
  2. Borrowings- 15000
  3. revenue receipt- 50000
  4. interest payment- 25% on revenue deficit

Question 21: Explain process of credit creation. (4 Marks)

Question 22: Explain role of open market operation and bank rate in controlling inflationary gap. (6 Marks)

Question 23: Draw straight line consumption curve and derive saving curve from it. Show it in diagram (6 Marks)

  1. point at which average propensity to consumes equal to one
  2. point at which average propensity to save is negative

Question 24: Find national income and GNP (6 Marks)

  1. indirect tax – 60
  2. private final consumption expenditure – 200
  3. subsidies- 20
  4. net domestic fixed capital formation – 40
  5. changes in stock – (-10)


Solve these questions and you will get good marks in CBSE Result 2018

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CBSE Result 2018