CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

How to Score more than 90% Marks in Board in last 2 months?-CBSE Result 2018

I am  a teacher and in my school times i had scored 93% marks in just  last 2 months so here i am giving you some tips so that you can also score good in CBSE Result 2018


  • Preparing for your entrance exams whereas juggling your Boards is not any new territory. Not solely ar entrance exams burdensome, the Board Examinations offer no less stress as their significance still holds sturdy in today’s time. the issue lies within the distinction in commonplace of preparation, dedication, and in-depth data each of those demand. this example of standing on 2 boats promptly is, hence, quite tough.
  • With solely sixty days remaining for the board examination, one is bound to face the quandary of that topic to start out with. Board examinations ar therefore hyped that usually students get below the pressure of excelling within the boards. for college kids WHO need to clear competitive examination along side boards, it becomes tough to juggle between the 2 preparation strategies. therefore it’s essential to channelize your efforts in these two months so as create the foremost out of your time. Let’s establish how!
  • Plan things out
  • The first issue to grasp whereas making ready for boards is to form a well outlined schedule of things to check daily. solely by assignment a well-designed schedule to it slow can prove fruitful.
  • On a median, there ar concerning 15-16 chapters in every subject. So, although you’ll manage to check a minimum of one chapter of every subject daily, you’ll cowl the most subjects. However, ensure there aren’t any loose ends to your preparation.
  • It is necessary to stay to your commitments and follow the schedule to achieve the sting. Discipline is that the key.
  • Give language its credit
  • The language subjects ar those, wherever one will lose an honest range of marks, however at constant time they offer a chance to boost the share simply. this could sound problematic, however it’s true. The controls ar fully in your hand.
  • In these subjects, there isn’t abundant to check, a significant portion of queries within the paper ar unseen, wherever a personal is checked for his linguistic skills. ensure you’re well versed with the literature with the exception of the piece of writing and synchronic linguistics sections.
  • In order to form the foremost of the topic, it’s sensible to provide it a minimum of one hour on a routine. Have a daily apply of synchronic linguistics and piece of writing sections, moreover as writing section (for ex. Letter writing). These subjects demand ample apply and only you have got command over the language are you able to score well.
  • Transition between assault and determination
  • While some subjects like arithmetic ar practice-based the others need serious time for assault of the topics. This in no approach means that to undermine the topic matter however ultimately, you have got to grind away the formulas and chemistry tables.
  • Chemistry and Biology return below the second class as so much as boards ar involved. From now of read, it will be an honest strategy to stay transitioning between a theme like this along side a theme like arithmetic. this can stop your mind from being exhausted as a results of constant assault.
  • Your schedule ought to be designed such you once you have got done enough of assault up, you get to follow it up with numericals or thought understanding texts.
  • Smaller, realizable goals
  • You should forever break your goals into easy realizable targets. this offers you a lift of confidence and pumps you up to start out your next target with larger enthusiasm.
  • These short term goals might be attaining the primary rank in your batch, finishing a chapter at intervals a brief span of your time or learning new determination skills! they ought to simply be tiny, attainable, and within the close to future.
  • Not solely can this keep you motivated , it’ll conjointly keep you running within the race. this can be therefore as a result of if you lose this short goal, you’ll quickly switch to a different goal and not lose hope. you would like to hide a protracted distance, therefore taking rest is vital.
  • Practice for the presentation
  • It is a really vital to take care of a respectable answer-script for the boards. The script checker won’t provide any additional thought to your answer-script if it’s not fair.
  • If you recognize a way to gift well, you’ll sure as shooting have an additional edge, and perhaps additional marks! Not solely will a respectable answer script depict discipline however conjointly your confidence towards the topic. Hence, you mustn’t compromise together with your handwriting and presentation.
  • Simulate the Boards
  • As you progress, forever see the question papers within the past years. determination mock question papers also can be an honest choice. It helps offer you an inspiration of the particular examination: time allotment to queries, question paper pattern, level of issue.
  • Set it slow limits whereas determination them and total on your mistakes. Simulate it sort of a real examination by temporal arrangement it and determination it ideally within the time-slot of the particular examination. this can sure as shooting cause you to feel assured enough to crack the $64000 examination too!
  • Refer to Topper’s assortment of previous years’ papers right here as this can are available handy. you’ll conjointly apprehend all concerning category twelve
  • Just keep calm, be positive and exerting. you’ll sure as shooting exceed your own expectations. you’ll consider the counseled for sophistication twelve Boards up here. All the most effective for your exams!
  • CBSE Result 2018


Just keep calm, be positive and work hard. You will surely get good marks in CBSE Result 2018 .you can check out the recommended for class 12 Boards over here. All the best for your exams!

Follow these tips and  you will get good marks in CBSE Result 2018

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CBSE Result 2018