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CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Strategy to get more than 90% marks in CBSE Result 2018

Strategy to get more than 90% marks in CBSE Result 2018

To score 90% or more in your board exams it’s time that you simply become extremely targeted. over a schedule you would like time management.

Firstly don’t ignore your health. Get correct sleep and eat a balanced wholesome diet. a decent relaxed mind and healthy food is very important for you to retain what you study.Try to study minimum ten hours every day with efficiency.

Besides grasp your strengths and weaknesses. offer longer to your weaker subjects however conjointly beware that you simply don’t ignore any subject altogether as a result of a cumulated info in even one subject would possibly bring down your proportion.

Do not attempt to pay hours ahead of books if you’re not holding what you study. decide to study specified you are doing not study for long stretches and find enough break each hour or 2.

Solve the 3 official CBSE sample papers completely CBSE Result 2018

solve them within the three hour timeframe while not watching the answers and seek advice from the answers then. See what percentage marks you get considering step-marking similarly.

For Physics :

preparation time :

Basic ideas ought to be clear.

Physics paper has 3 major sections; trendy physics ( twenty five marks), optics marks) and electricity marks). queries from trendy physics area unit foreseeable however you cannot say that circuit diagram from electricity to expect.

give longer to sections that area unit difficult.

Diagrams and derivatives area unit challenging; observe them the maximum amount you’ll be able to.

Applied numericals area unit easier; observe and notice shorter ways to unravel, therefore you pay less time whereas making an attempt them

In test hall :

Three and 5 marker queries area unit quite predictable; begin with 5 markers and end them inside hr.

Thought- agitative numericals will be a trick; be good and do not pay a lot of time. you have got to attain marks and it’s not a self- difficult session.

Choose numerical over theoretical choices.

Label the diagrams.

Questions supported laboratory experiments area unit important; bear in mind their circuit diagrams.

For Chemistry :

Prep Time

Study NCERT textbooks completely. If you are doing therefore, you’ll be able to simply score ninety per cent, a minimum of in chemistry.

Solve CBSE sample papers.

Focus on drawback areas. you have got three months left; you’ll be able to simply cope up.

Physical chemistry numericals area unit simple to crack however once more specialise in the NCERT textbook numerical queries.

Some students notice chemical science difficult.

At now, do not revise the chemical science by ideas however everything in its totality.

Conversions, main reactions and logic queries ought to be practiced 5 times every day on the average.


Exam Hall

Organise your queries and ne’er combine the sections.

Draw graphics showing neatness and perpetually label them properly.

Chemistry numericals area unit easy; select numericals over theory.

Be additional careful whereas making an attempt chemical science conversions and reactions. A minor error will get you stuck on the reaction.

For Maths :


Prep Time CBSE Result 2018

Divide the entire info into numerous sections. pay 3 days to revise every section completely and on the fourth day, try the sample paper. this manner you’ll be ready to revise the info and end the sample papers at the same time.

Study NCERT textbooks completely and so locomote to alternative reference books. NCERT books area unit straightforward however associate degree absolute should to clear ideas.


Exam Hall

Read the question paper properly before getting down to try it.

There area unit 3 sections in arithmetic paper; six marks section, four marks section, and one mark section. whereas making an attempt the queries, be systematic and do not combine sections.

On a mean you’re assigned one- and- a- 0.5 minute for every purpose ( mark). therefore do not pay longer than that. aren’t getting stuck on an issue. If you have got a problem, locomote to a distinct question and so come thereto.

Set aside quarter-hour to revise the solution sheet.It is necessary to create positive that you simply haven’t created any mistakes.

You can conjointly undergo below link :

For Physics : the way to simply score 90+ in Physics CBSE test

For Maths : CBSE category twelve arithmetic Preparation Tips

You should create a schedule like this :-

  1. initial of all create a SWOT analysis of yours and see what area unit your strength, Weakness etc.
  2. Then initial of all specialise in your subject that comes underneath your weakness class. Do solve all of your question before about to future topic.
  3. don’t hesitate to raise a question to your teacher.
  4. Study a minimum of 10-12 hours every day otherwise you’ll not be ready to cowl all the topic in your list.
  5. come to life early within the morning and initial of all solve the question that you simply studied earlier and so move to the new queries
  6. Do eat well and keep one’s distance from oily substances and eatables
  7. Do revise well before the test
  8. Do solve some sample papers before the test and see whether or not you’re ready to solve the question in time or not and conjointly mark the realm during which you are feeling issue.

Always confine mind Time-management is extremely necessary issue. Keep active until you get close to perfection. All the most effective.

you can summarize few points from this long post and create your strategy , write down those points on your notebook and daily look in thereto to examine what proportion you’re following.

Last however not least “Believe Maine you’ll be able to bang , if you propose and work religiously for it.” Try this strategy and defiantly you will get more than 90% marks in CBSE Board Result 2018

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