CBSE Result 2018

CBSE 10th and 12th Result 2018

Time table for 10th Board to Study at Home

Time table for study at home  For class 10th to get good CBSE Result 2018

 This text provides you pure hints that helps you to pump up your score at school ten Board exams. everybody desires to realize a good score. Best thanks to succeed that might be to possess nice category ten Time Management skills. However, you have got to place the trouble in to urge there. It isn’t simple, however it’s not not possible. an ideal set up permits you to urge the foremost out of your learning each day. Study plans assist you focus, that results in higher acquisition and recollects.

So, create a plan and follow it. keep consistent. You’ll receive the results you would like through your robust determination, self-discipline, and nice study habits. you’ll be able to amendment the timetable as per your preferences and routine however don’t stress yourself either.

Learn additional regarding study plans here. we tend to assist you in making ready some time table, we’ll additionally guide you in time management beside some if the most effective study tips. CBSE Exam Result 2018

Class ten -Time Management Techniques

Study per your mindset:

Some students square measure morning birds whereas others square measure dark knights. apprehend after you square measure recent and happy, and use now for troublesome topics and theoretical revisions. after you feel asleep and uninteresting, begin doing sensible issues, create mind maps or develop easier topics. Active engagements can facilitate your brain to stay switched on the alert mode.

Choose an area and time:

Having a set snug place to review and a set study schedule helps your mind to re-position itself to review mode entirely by sitting all the way down to study. every week before your exams, this place may address be a confidence booster, permitting you to concentrate fully throughout the exams.

Weightage and prioritise:

First study the necessary topics that carry additional weightage within the test. Then, go on to different topics.

Take study breaks:

Study for over fifty minutes at a stretch ANd utilize consecutive ten minutes in an hour to travel outside for a walk, eat fruits and snacks or {just} just take a shower.

Final strategy:

If its test eve, it’s not advisable  to select up new topics till you have got revised everything else. Study well and study sensible.


Time Activity Activity Time
6:00 AM Get ready for school 45 Min
6:45 AM Reach School 15 Min
7:00 AM School 6.5 Hours
1:30 PM Reached Home 15 Min
1:45 PM Get Fresh 30 Min
2:00 PM Lunch 30 Min
2:30 PM Study Hindi 2 Hours
4:30 PM Study SST 2 Hours
6:30 PM Rest 30 Min
7:00 PM Study English 1 Hour
8:00 PM Dinner 30 Min
8:30 PM Study Maths 1.30 Hours
10:00 PM Study Science   1 hour
11:00 PM Sleep 7 Hours

Class 10th – Study Tips CBSE Result 2018

Try rousing one hour before you typically get on my feet to urge prepared for college.

Revise the teachings that were educated in class the previous day.

Read subjects that require to be memorized like History, Geography, etc. within the oncenoon after lunch. create sticky notes of things that square measure troublesome to recollect.

Please avoid taking note of music, looking tv, text electronic messaging or surfriding the net whereas learning.

Do not study past eleven – 11:30 P.M.

If you will follow this you will defiantly score good marks in CBSE Result 2018

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CBSE Result 2018